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    Animated Static
    Adding and subtracting fractions
    Adding matrices
    Basic trigonometry
    Calculating proportions
    Circle equation
    Complex numbers
    Composition of functions
    Domain of a function
    Entering logarithmic expressions
    Entering rational expressions
    Entering square roots
    Factoring expressions
    Finding the LCM
    Graphing curves and points
    Graphing inequalities
    Levels of visibility
    Matrix determinant
    Matrix inverse
    Multiplying and dividing fractions
    Multiplying matrices
    Perpendicular line equation
    Polynomial long division
    Point slope line equation
    Simplifying exponential expressions
    Simplifying radical expressions
    Solving quadratic equations
    Solving systems of equations
    Synthetic division
    Vertex of a parabola
    Working with formulas


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