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Comparing Algebra Solver to other leading algebra software

There are many tutorial programs that help student learn algebra. Some of them claim to be able to solve the most difficult user-entered problems in a step-by-step fashion. It is very frustrating when you find out that not to be true.

   That is why we have a special deal for you!

   If you currently own any of the following software programs:

  • College Algebra Solved!

  • Algebra 1 Solved!

  • Algebra 2 Solved!

  • Personal Algebra Tutor (PAT)

   and if this software does not meet your needs, you are eligible to receive a $20.00 discount off the regular price of AlgebraSolver.

   In order to receive the discount, please do the following:

  1. Order AlgebraSolver by clicking here

  2. Send us an email with the following subject line "AlgebraSolver $20.00 Discount Offer"

  3. Your email should state (a) which software you are currently using (must be from the list above) and (b) why you are not satisfied with it

  4. Attach the proof of purchase for the software you currently own (i.e. email order confirmation)

   As soon as we receive the necessary information, a $20.00 rebate will be issued.

   And always remember the following:

We offer an unconditional time-unlimited money back guarantee, even on downloads. Check for yourself if any other company offers this kind of guarantee! So, you have nothing to lose by trying AlgebraSolver!


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