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Algebra Solver Features

AlgebraSolver gives you step by step solutions for any problem you type in the following areas:
  • simplifying expressions (rational, radical, polynomial, complex numbers, absolute value, factoring)
  • solving equations (linear, quadratic and more...), inequalities and systems (two or three equations)
  • functions ( graphing, domain, range, composition...)
  • logarithms (solving equations, simplifying expressions)
  • basic geometry and trigonometry (trig functions, right triangle, similarity...)
  • pre-algebra (proportions, ratios, measure conversions... )
  • polynomials (factoring, expanding, long division, synthetic division)
  • Now supporting linear algebra (addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices, matrix inverse, determinants)




System requirements:

Algebrator supports Vista

Any PC running any version of Windows (including Win 7).

Algebrator supports Mac

Any Intel Mac running OS X (PowerPC Mac users click here).

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